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Originally Posted by phloyd View Post
This is interesting since Ben W from *cough*soft has stated a number of times that at the bitrates used for HD Media the loop filter is needed. It appears that his statement is incorrect based on these real examples - something I am happy to see (not that he was wrong, but that the loop filter is not always neeed).
Did I? I don't recall saying that specifically about H.264 and BD. If you really want to max out the bitrate and accept that reduction in runtime/extras, I agree with drmpeg that turning it off would be feasiable, and probably useful.

This isn't something we've sweated with VC-1 since ours is more focused, and so kind of fades away at higher bitrates without needed to be explicitly turned off.

Also, the loop filter isn't something that needs to be on/off for a whole movie. It can be turned on or off for different sections, at least in our VC-1 encoder.
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