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I am done with a few of them and I wanted your opinion on them:

[Show spoiler]The text is on a plastic slip cover that you take off. So the only thing that remains on the insert is the picture. That is why the text has shadows. Also, The inserts are reversible. Where the other side has the original theatrical poster of each film. So you get to decide which cover you want to use. Also, this "collector's edition" is not bull shitting you. you get 3 discs in the case. 2 Blu-Ray discs (Movie + Special Features) and the DVD version. The Digital Copy will be an insert.

Let me know what you guys think! I am open to criticism. I didn't know whether I should include numbers on the spines. And one big thought i had was to make the slipcover a cutout and have it be white with a square that gives you a peak on the inside...

I couldn't get some made because I didn't have the font for it and editing the title card was too hard for me.

Link to photoset:
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