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French court rules Steam games must be able to be resold

This is going to have massive ramifications for the sale of all digital goods in the EU if unsuccessfully appealed including iTunes and other EST storefronts.

If reselling digital films undercuts the studios and storefronts badly enough then we may see studios having a lot less enthusiasm for digital film sales in the future.

I know you could say the same about selling used physical media, but there is a big difference when you can dump your entire digital collection onto the marketplace with a few clicks along with the fact that digital films can often be brought very cheap or through free codes and this could devalue the sale of new purchases tremendously. Of course, this is just speculating, but this could get very interesting indeed.
I don't expect the same laws to ever be enacted in the United States. But the ability to resell digital content doesn't fix the biggest issue anyway: content can be removed or modified at any time.

I won't be surprised if being able to resell content actually exacerbates things. If digital content is devalued by a "used market" then profits will drop and the studios, publishers, and stores will be even more likely to drop their old titles that aren't selling well anymore. Being able to buy "used" digital content doesn't help if official support is still needed to be able to watch that content.

No laws require that any company has to continue supporting their unprofitable products forever (nor should they). That's why my stance has been very firm: I don't think that any company should have to continue providing support for any of their products that are no longer selling but I won't buy anything that requires continued support to function either. For the foreseeable future only physical media can fulfill that requirement.
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