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The attention spans of youngsters are just fine; human attention spans have been proven to be unchanged, to even slightly improved, by scientists across the world despite the obstinate insistence otherwise by recalcitrant crackpots like yourself. You have the incredible hubris to repeatedly say that the global scientific community is absolutely wrong and that you, with no qualifications whatsoever, know better. This is one of the reasons why you get mocked; because you ignore proven facts unless they suit your "all is lost" paranoia.

You routinely criticize millenials and worse you pretend to be qualified to diagnose their cognitive function when all they are guilty of is enjoying their phones more than you do. You seem to think that every time a millenial watches a vertically framed short subject on their phone, a movie production gets scrapped. The irony is that you are blaming millenials for killing movies when they are a major demographic attending the cinema.

Spending on home video entertainment has been increasing for years and box office receipts have been growing right along with them. It won't matter what next year's box office receipts show because you will twist the results to fit your apocalyptic vision regardless as you have with all of the preceding year's results. If box office receipts are up next year, you will say it is their "last gasp" before the inevitable plunge. If they drop any amount at all, it will be the falling pebble that heralds the annihilating avalanche. Either outcome will "prove" your feverish nightmares. With you, all roads lead inexorably to hell.

Brad Pitt's musings are entirely unlike your "everything is doomed" rants. He thinks the way that movies are being made and delivered are changing; you think they are in mortal danger. Brad Pitt also admits that he could be wrong about his concerns whereas you can not even imagine being wrong. In short, Brad Pitt is being rational while you are being entirely irrational. You're dead certain that we are all hopelessly screwed and believe that we should all spend every waking moment dreading tomorrow. You go ahead and be a little frightened bunny; the rest of us have much better things to do.

It is not just your baseless fear for the future of movies that causes you to be ridiculed, but it is the context of that fear among all of your other ludicrous worries that make you a comedic punching bag. You predict the end of damn near everything from movies to TVs themselves along with the creation of imaginary taxes that penalize us for sitting too long. You vilify everyone from millenials to vegans in bringing this unavoidable disaster upon us. These are some of the many reasons why you get laughed at far and wide.

You even predicted that I would abandon physical media because I redeemed a few digital codes- codes that came with my disc purchases. When I rented a movie from Vudu, you said the same thing, that I would no longer buy discs, even though I then bought that very movie on 4K disc. Since that rental I have bought more than 300 discs. This alone proves that you can't predict sh*t.
Brad Pitt is concerned that movies won’t survive. He said that in one of his most recent interviews. He believes they may have simply ‘run their course’.
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