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There's a lot of bootlegs out there of Mewtwo Returns. The same guy who was creating his own Blu-ray releases of the first three movies also created knockoffs of Mewtwo Returns in standard DVD cases, rather than the snapcase.

I wouldn't buy any copies that are not in the WB snapcase packaging if I were you.
You are right I wasn't fully awake when I made my previous post. Still I do see several authentic copies on eBay for within $15 with minor case damage. Maybe I'll run into one at one of my local thrift stores I did find the original WB snapcase release for The Power Of One... I mean Pokemon 2000 for $2 in near new like condition alongside an VHS copy for 50 cents. So perhaps in due time I'll find Mewtwo Returns for ultra cheap as this particular thrift store doesn't hit up eBay/Amazon to find out the value on stuff like this.
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