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Originally Posted by ps3bd_owner View Post
What would it take for the Pokémon Company to release its series and movies in Japanese with optional subtitles?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but even in Japan they haven't released the series all on home DVD release though some of it is available via rental DVDs.

I'm only interested in watching the Pokémon series (276 eps.) in its original Japanese with English subs, but that seems impossible.
That'll never happen, just as we'll never see the original series rescanned at 2K/4K for prosperity (certainly not in its entirety anyway) as the animated series is just a means to spruik the games and merchandise. And thanks to certain nutters in the U.S. who cry oppression over even the most innocuous of things, one can't blame TPCi for erasing or otherwise downplaying certain aspects of the franchise's long history in order to protect their family-friendly image. The recent banning of the Passimian (?) episode was one of the most ridiculous examples of censorship I have ever seen. No other country in the world would have had a problem with it, but we can always trust the U.S. to cry "racism" over every damn thing and impose their distorted worldview on the rest of us (and most countries seem to use the U.S. dub as a basis for their own localisations, as opposed to the original Japanese).

Frankly, I think we're lucky to be even getting the U.S. dub on DVD at all.

At best, you may find some passionate fans producing their own subtitles, but TPCi doesn't care enough about the extreme niche of hardcore fans that may wish to see the series as it was originally intended (at least not enough to swallow the cost and the potential backlash that may result due to some of elements that may be considered risqué in certain cultures). And even if a Japanese edition were to be released, say, I would suspect that certain episodes would still be omitted (such as the infamous Porygon episode).
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