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I mean it's not like as if they couldn't just recolor the grey of the Passimian to say green or blue like they did with Hi-Jynx now being purple... right?
But why change the colour at all? Since when was "grey face" offensive? Who in their right mind would even make such an absurd association? It's not as if the Japanese were responsible for the oppression of African American people. And why bar distribution from the rest of the world?

Originally Posted by demomanTNA View Post
What's funny at least to me is that they could easily reanimate the offending spots on the Porygon episode.
But there's nothing to reanimate, really. All they have to do is slow down the brief red/blue flash (caused by Pikachu, not Porygon; yet Porygon and its evolutions get axed from the anime) that was responsible for causing the seizures back in 1997. Problem solved.

I think it may have something to do with the Japanese government having banned the episode entirely, and hence why an edited version was not aired later or otherwise extended for international distribution, which is a shame, because back in the day, I was really anticipating the Porygon episode, and it wasn't until several years later that I discovered why. The Porygon family (especially Porygon2) are quite possibly my favourite of all Pokémon. I'm a little indifferent to Porygon-Z, but I was still super happy when it was introduced in Gen IV.

Originally Posted by demomanTNA View Post
Principal Oak made an Porygon reference (and facial impersonation) on the first Sun And Moon episode.
I think the Porygon family still appear in "Who's That Pokémon" segments, and sometimes in the background (as part of montages/retrospectives and the like) but it has never appeared in-character.
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