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Originally Posted by Badas View Post
The Mitsi HC7900DW is rated at 1500 Lumens. They never get their rated Lumens. I think users said about 900-1000 Lumens calibrated. Which is really good.
With the elevated Lumens it will have slightly elevated black level which is not too bad for living room (non bat cave) environments.
I would say that screen would suit. It has a 1.2 - 1.3 screen gain. With that gain your Lumens and Screen size it should produce a nice bright picture. You could look at a lower gain screen to produce a lower black level however most people prefer a brighter image rather than lower black levels.
I am a deep inky black fan. Have a Panasonic St50 Plasma at the moment. Blacks are like a black hole. Love em.
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