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Originally Posted by nefilim View Post
i liked :
[Show spoiler]how Danny Torrance was again introduced and how he lived his life.

did not like : true knot - not enough info, too vague, their killings were not horror enough - not very convinsing enemy.

specially did not like : the ending - suddenly all true knot members were dead and their leader too ?!

wanted : something to do more with original overlook ....

left a bit luke warm feeling.

I AM SK fan !

holy spoilers man!

but yea, i can see where you are coming from with all that....
[Show spoiler]the ending did feel rushed but i like how Danny came full circle to face his demons

i was pleasantly surprised with how it came out thoguh...i thoguht it was going to be a disaster of a book...

im reading It right now....that book is HUGE! pretty good so far...ill check out your collection in a bit!
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