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Take a look at my Gallery.

Everything and I mean everything is in the wall.

Example below:

On saying that. It was easy for me. The room was built as a Theatre right from the start.

Ta Dono
Source: 2x Oppo BDP-103D's (Bluray, CD, and SACD), PS3, PS4, Project 1.3 turntable.
Amplification: Marantz SR7009, 2x Marantz MM7055's (10 amps bi-amping 5 channels).
Speakers: (Atmos 5.3.2): 4 x Polk RTiA7's, Polk CSP 1000, 2x Atlantic TLC-8.2, Polk PSW1200, 2x SVS SB Ultra 13's and triple buttkicker system.
Projection: Dreamvision Siglos 3 Tentation Ltd. 4KUHD.
Headgear: iPod in Arcam Dock, Schiit Yggdrasil DAC, Woo WA22(tube amp), Violectric V281(SS amp), Aeon Open, HD6xx, AQ Hawks.

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