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Cool Samsung 1200 has a Very Good Upconversion Chip!

No all stand-alone Blu-ray players have so-so Upconversion. My Samsung 1200 may be a tad slow in getting firmware upgrades (However, they have issued 4 updates this year alone, with the latest update was on June 9th), but the 1200 have a VERY GOOD Upconversion chip (HQV). Even when folks were slamming the Sammy, they would give it rave reviews on that feature.

As to why people would stick a standard DVD in their Blu-ray player:

1. A very good reason is not all old DVDs have been issued in Blu yet. Take Lord of the Rings or the Matrix for example.

2. A good selling point to potential Blu buyers is the fact that they DON'T have to get rid of their OLD DVDs. Of course we know that sooner or later they will, but they do not have to.
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