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Excellent. It handles all content beautifully, even DVDs which I was expecting to look like mud. I am very sensitive to motion issues and have seen absolutely none so far. I have Real Cinema enabled and pretty much everything else switched off.

The one thing I am unhappy about is the vertical banding which was never an issue with the plasma. I am actually going back to the store to discuss an exchange or refund tomorrow morning as my set has some very obvious banding which is far too distracting when viewing scenes with low lighting. First noticed it recently while watching BLAIR WITCH.

Other than that, I am really happy with OLED. If you can get a set without the banding problems, you're on to a winner.
Hmmm... interesting. I still haven't ever personally seen a TV with motion as good as my plasma, but I suppose maybe with some of these newer upper level OLED, calibrated and settings tuned in properly, they may come pretty close.

I think I will still check local classified ads for another Panny plasma when mine dies... but if that doesn't work out I may just give a nice juicy OLED a try, haha
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