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Since I can't remember The Ring perfectly well, I think I'm still gonna choose it because it's fun and scary and takes you on a mystery that pays off in the end with the scary girl actually getting someone, but maybe I should actually say It Follows. You don't know what the hell it is trying to get them, but's scary as ****, a lot of it being because you don't know what it is, and the dread of it coming and getting you, the dread of it getting close, the dread of not knowing what it is or what it will, great characters and the story, maybe that's the best.

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I'm going with Session 9. It has such a creeping dread associated with it. Incredible, underrated performances from everyone in front of and behind the camera.
I am bewildered. But my two close friends also liked it. I felt it was a movie where nothing happened. The best part was what the voice said at the end, but even that was just not something as scary as like a demon or a vvitch or an "it" out to get you, and coming so close!

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Haunting of Hill House for me, hands down, although think The Babadook was very good and smart.
Why did you think that about The Babadook?
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