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United Kingdom Dawn of the Dead (1978) 4K UHD

GEORGE A ROMERO’S DAWN OF THE DEAD is coming to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray in the UK and will feature ’Theatrical’, ‘Cannes’ and ‘Argento’ cuts!! We will also be releasing on standard Blu-ray together with our Blu-ray release of MARTIN. Many thanks to producer Richard P Rubinstein for allowing us access to the original elements, which includes the original camera negative for Dawn and dupe negative for Martin. New 4K scans are underway at Final Frame in New York which will be followed by grading and extensive restoration supervised by DP Michael Gornick. It will then be over to David Mackenzie at Fidelity in Motion for mastering and encoding. Currently slated for a late summer release, more news to follow….
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