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Originally Posted by retablo View Post
Remember, too, something no one has mentioned: the rights to release on blu-ray might need to be re-negotiated. When movie contracts were made for films pre-VHS, there were no home video rights included. When VHS became prominent, new deals had to be written (for actors, etc, in regards to percentage points) for a new medium. Same when laserdisc came along, and presumable DVD. I don't know all the logistics, but many times, with each new format, new contracts have to be negotiated with all parties who own percentages of the films. This was the brunt of the writers strike a few years ago - they were fighting for their percentage when it came to Internet distribution. So in at least SOME cases, this could very well be the holdup.
May have been true for the dawn of VHS, DVD and even Internet distribution, but *not* BD. Though to most of us here "DVD" doesn't include BD, industry contracts that say "DVD" are usually interpreted to include BD. Very few films have hit BD from a different distributor than the DVD distributor; most of the exceptions involved changes to the DVD rights as well. For example, though WB handled My Fair Lady for most of its life on DVD, the DVD rights reverted to CBS and its present video partner Paramount before they issued the BD; that was different than VHS-to-DVD, as its VHS rights went from Fox to Paramount about the same time WB launched it on DVD.

The more likely scenario for classic rights is Rebecca, which despite its being owned by Disney (ABC bought it from David O. Selznick's estate long ago) was a vagabond on DVD--first Criterion, then Anchor Bay, and most recently MGM (released with other Hitchcock films)--but MGM is holding onto it on BD for the upgrade of its Hitchcock bundle. (Strangely, Disney has never been the U.S. home-video distributor of the only non-Miramax Best Picture winner it has ever owned--which makes its sale of Miramax and its four Best Pictures even more ironic. )
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