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Originally Posted by tacanmj View Post
I'm curious to know if my set up is ideal for proper bass management. I would take any advice. I set the towers to large and Xover to 80. Reciever set to LFE+
Originally Posted by Mike7300 View Post
I could be wrong but i would think you want your towers set to small if you have a subwoofer hooked up so that the sub is handling the bass.
He's got his AVR set to "LFE+" which is sending bass to the sub and the mains.

This is a relatively uncontrolled duplication of bass creation, IMHO not "ideal for proper bass management." Set the mains to "small," set crossover to 80Hz or 100Hz (lower if your mains can handle low bass consistently and accurately), then turn LFE+ off. You can get test files at to determine any nulls in your mains' response, etc. When set up well, I believe you should hear a nice smooth descending tone from all the speakers without a clear dip or boost anywhere near the cross over point.*

Originally Posted by nikostis69 View Post
Hello! This thread is really awesome!

I have added a sub recently to my PC audio setup in my room. The sound within the room is as I want it to be.

There is a side effect, though... Due to the room acting like a huge speaker cabinet, the LF exit the room to the rest of the house quite amplified.

Is there any way I can reduce this effect without affecting sound experience inside the room?
Your sub is clearly interacting with the structure. Try doing the "subwoofer crawl" (Google for it) and determine the ideal location for the sub, then place it there, tune it down so that it's blending in with the other speakers but not resonating with the walls. *

* There are several articles on how to do this stuff at Some are old (8 years) but still relevant.
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