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WOW! I must say your reputation certainly does precede you Big Daddy. I heard about you on the AVS Forum, but I ran into this post looking for the reasons why my dual subwoofer placement has fixed my issue with my bass. I had both of my subwoofers at the front of the room and was pretty disappointed with the frequency response I was getting in the very low end from like 35Hz to 20Hz. I had just moved into a house with a totally new room and it's kinda been a nightmare just trying to tame the modal ringing from my front speakers because they're so close to the wall. After I took care of that will some simple bass traps in the front corners of the room I found that all of my low bass was heard only in the back right corner of the room. I took one of my subwoofers and put it in the spot where I could hear all the bass and now I can hear bass that starts at 17Hz! Even though I was glad that I had remedied the problem, I wanted to know why. After reading your post it all makes sense now.
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