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Default LG OLED 3D vs LG 3D (advice required for new 3D TV)

Hello could I please have a simple explanation of the differences between LG OLED 3D and just a normal LG 3D? With recent developments I am going to have to buy a reserve set way sooner than I had planned. There are some LG models I am eyeing up, one is OLED. The OLED is 900 more expensive so I really need to know what the benefits are and what I would miss out on if I just bought the standard LG.

I think it's also worth adding that the OLED is curved whereas the others are not. Advantages/ disadvantages of this? Perhaps a flat tv would be better?

I would have posted this in the other LG thread but there are so many pages and the discussion is moving so quickly I thought I'd start a new thread. It also might help anyone else on the fence about picking up a new 3D set.

Here are the links if it helps:

The curved OLED:

Not OLED (flat not curved):


Any help and advice is greatly appreciated!

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