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The saga continues...

It didn't show up today. Not really surprised.

So, I called. Can't say it enough, politely, inquired as to the most recent info they had. They reiterated it was today by 8pm. Mail already came, so it's not happening. Said no biggie, double checking.

Then politely asked about my email that was never responded to. No idea what I was talking about. So I explained the currency thing. Everything she saw showed it should have been in US dollars. I said I get that, but it very clearly shows otherwise. So she looks further and pulls the "you paid less than what's it's here what's the problem?" line.

I remained calm but mentioned this was the second time I was told that and with all due respect, it isn't my problem. My email receipt clearly shows what I'm saying, sent from YOU, which was replied to with that info and my CC statement reflecting US dollars.

Getting testy, she asks what I want then? I said I want a refund based on the current, or whenever it was processed, exchange rate. I was informed that in order to do that, I'd be charged the current price for it.

I calmly but firmly told her I have a receipt from them and pics of statements showing I wasn't billed correctly and want a refund accordingly, period. Any pricing or billing errors on YOUR end are YOUR problem, not mine. She paused and said someone would be adjusting things on Monday after the holiday. I thanked her for her time, despite knowing damn well nothing is going to happen Monday.

I feel justified in my position and if I'm coming across as entitled or just plain a dick, if the situation was somehow the opposite, you know damn well they'd be collecting their money. It's a 100% the point thing.
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