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Originally Posted by gamebred View Post
I didn't see an official Dali thread so I was just wondering if anyone here has had the opportunity to audition/own any of the speakers in the Ikon series? What were your thoughts as to how they compare to other speakers in Dali's line-up? While I understand the cabinets aren't wood veneer like thier higher end series, I only care about the tonal characteristics. I was eyeballing the Ikon 6 in particular but am unable to find a dealer around. Only Dalis I have ever heard were a set of bookshelfs that cost twice as much as the Ikon 6, the Helicons. I absolutely loved this speakers as they had such detail with a warmth to them, nothing about them was in your face. I would love to be able to afford these but that's not going to happen any time soon.

One more question...Any thoughts on how the Dalis might sound with an Elite receiver? Couldn't find any info about this either. Seems as though most folks buying these speakers are pairing them with Arcam, Denon, Onkyo and Rotel.

Thanks in advance.
You didn't look hard enough. We have a Dali Speakers Owners thread. You should always check the Master List of Speaker Owners Thread. In addition to Master List for speakers, we have Master Lists for subwoofers and receivers. I will merge this thread into the Dali onwers thread.
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