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I can tell you right now that the concept 8 sound like they don't even need a sub with them. The way they produce lows so tightly and punchy you will be in for a treat if you go that way. You will be imagining that the low frequency response would be lower then it states. I was completely shocked by how deep it sounded. And accurately too. Dali sends the dealers a demo cd, listen to that one, there are deeeeep lows. I would say if this is mostly for music, you wont need a sub in 2-channel. And I would think in HT you could get buy for a few months. But buy them in the order you want to.

How big is your room, the room I was in was about 14Lx16W and the Ikons sounded great they didn't over power the room or anything. I think because of how balanced they were.

Do you have a dealer in your area or are you having to drive out of town?
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