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Hi gamebred,

I love reading through speaker threads, especially those who's products I admire and like. This is one of those threads. I have read with interest your desire to find the right floorstander for your system and I have no doubt that through your diligence and dedication one speaker will jump out at you. If it's a Dali then you should feel very good as they are a suberb manufacturer.

I also noticed that you mentioned Totem Arros and the Sttafs. For what it's worth, many people either like one or the other, but rarely both. I cannot comment on the sound signature of the Arros as I've not truly audioned them when I decided to purchase the Totem Sttafs. It was a choice between Dynaudio and Focal/JM Lab and the Sttafs. I would have been happy with any of all three, because they were very close in the sound I was looking for. In the end, and maybe this was wrong, I chose the Sttafs for their simplicity, elegance and small footprint.

Before I end this post I do feel I must correct you on the "boominess" comment you mentioned in regards to the Sttafs. I personally believe you chose the wrong word to describe their lower end ability. The Sttaf is a slightly colored speaker to be sure, but I would describe their lower range as having a slight "bloom". They do not exhibit boominess whatsoever, although they aren't the tighest either. Perhaps it's a play on words, but its something as a Sttaf owner that I felt compelled to bring up and point out. The Arros therefore may compliment your musical taste moreso than the Sttaf, but then you'd be giving up a good amount of imaging, presence and dimentionality.

Anyway, I know you'll find what you're looking and I wish you all the best in your quest for a floorstander that meets your every requirement.

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