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Originally Posted by Zivouhr View Post
(repost from other thread)
Definitely looking forward to seeing Batman vs Superman 3D, but leery if the 3D will be any good, knowing how mild the 3D was in Man of Steel when comparing it to stronger 3D films like Pacific Rim's 3D for example, which destroys Man of Steel's 3D to be direct in 3D layering. I hope they really amp it up for the new one and hire a new conversion team or give them more time/budget to make the 3D strong.

Snyder's cinematic style shines through, so hopefully the story will match also.
On Gotham Monday night, they showed that short 49 second trailer where Superman has
[Show spoiler]Batman captive
, but this one reveals a lot more about the movie.

Luther's character reminds me of The Riddler from Gotham a bit. Lots of energy and will be a nice contrast to Batman and Superman's performances.
Welp. Turned it off as soon as "Lex" appeared.

Not feeling this movie at all. Really like Cavill. Don't really like Affleck. And I feel Michael Cera (yes, that's sarcasm) is really miscast in this.

EDIT: Let me also say, that I understand people have different preferences. I'm not saying this will be a bad film; I'm saying it's not going to be my kind of film. I truly hope those who are looking forward to this film will enjoy it.

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