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Originally Posted by cembros View Post
WOW well done sir. I tried to do something similar in a post about a week ago and acheived an epic fail. This is probably the most important of all your stickeys, to many people are confused about dialnorm and do not fully enjoy some really great tracks because of that. I would love to add a point about Indiana Jones, this seems to be the only track with a dialnorm value of -25, this means it is played 2-6db quiter than other tracks. I for the longest time did not realize this and found the track to be lacking. Reading reviews of the audio on the movie it seems the revewers experienced the samething. Once I played the movie at +2db on my receiver the track really rocked, a 5 star track without a doubt. I highly recomend that anyone with this movie (forget if you like the movie or not) go back and revisit it at the correct volume level.
The new G.I. Joe also appears to be offset by 6db.
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