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Originally Posted by THUNDERSTRUCK View Post
Why aren't more pc's coming out with BD drives?
Number of reasons:
  • Apple retina and Intel ultra books, removing optical drives.
  • Blu-ray association DRM added to the complexity and cost to a computer or OS.
  • Digital streaming from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu Plus, is adequate for people using laptops.
  • Size of the display that provides useful benefits, would Blu-ray playback on a 13/15/17 laptop screen be beneficial?
  • Why use Larger desktop computers with 1980 x 1080P screens (22" thru 27") as a substitute to your HDTV paired with a BD player?

Originally Posted by THUNDERSTRUCK View Post
How come they don't make any br players with carousels? They did that a lot with dvd players.What gives?
Carousels are too expensive to make and service. Using Sony as a example they went the cheap route on their entire lineup of Blu-ray players, and abandoned that market.

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