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Originally Posted by JohnAV View Post
Yes you made the point that a PC desktop w/BD player is a alternative, but the original question was "Why aren't more pc's coming out with BD drives?"

So from a PC marketplace perspective where is the incentive to put a Blu-ray build as part of a PC build? Yes you still have some PC desktops sold as complete media solutions, but they aren't as common/popular anymore. Sure you can custom add this as a option, but what percentage of consumers do this anymore?

For a consumer, who is looking at the size of the desktop monitor, is it worth the bother with incorporating a internal BD optical drive? Its not like there are much in the way of BD based games as a further justification these days, along with various online streaming options.

IMHO the expansion of BD players doing more has also hurt the attractiveness of PC desktop using internal BD drives.
I for one will always opt for something I can fix, modify, or upgrade myself

Avoided the trap of buying a new BD player every year or so by just using a PC - still using the same drive I bought in 2007!!!!
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