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Originally Posted by rabvet View Post
I apologize for inappropriately cutting into this post, I'm a new member and for some unknown reason to me I'm unable to initiate a new post but yet I'm able to reply to exisiting posts???? ------------- anyway I need some help on this unrelated issue and would appreciate your expert technical opinion on this:

I have an older HD TV and receiver which both only have Component Video connections for HD which is 1080I for the TV.

I would love to replace my DVD with a Blue Ray player to at least enjoy 1080I HD picture quality when using blue ray disks and have found out that apparently all Blue Ray's manufactured after Jan. 2011 no longer include Component Video Connections and only have the HDMI for HD and or RCA (red, white & yellow) for a analog connection.

If I can find a older Blue Ray player made before 2011 would this work giving me a 1080I HD picture when using a blue ray disc ----------- and is this my only option until I get a new HD TV with HDMI?

Thank you!
Ralph (please e-mail me @
I would think it does, but I'm not an expert in that area. I'm sure someone will come along to answer that question for you shortly with 100% certainty.

You'll need a few more posts before you can start your own thread. It's a spam-preventative measure we have in place.
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