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I have the Polk Audio PSW125 (12" driver), and it's a very good subwoofer. Not boomy at all. I have some strange room acoustics which have made the placement of my sub very specific in order to really get the best out of it from the primary listening position. It adds the sweetest low-end and it's a critical element of the system. I've often wondered how many people do not realize how important subwoofer placement can be in a room, and blamed perceived poor subwoofer performance on the sub itself (any brand, not just Polk Audio).

The unit has four short, tapered feet. If you are setting the unit on a carpeted floor, watch out that the downward-firing, round port is not choked off by the carpet. Use a wood panel (as I have done) or some sort of riser system to raise the sub's port off the carpet.

Another thing to note. If you use the single LFE input jack on the PSW125, the sub's onboard crossover control will be bypassed. Using a Y-splitter and going into the stereo L/R inputs allows the use of the onboard crossover control. I would assume the PSW110 (the 10" version) is set up the same way, and perhaps other Polk Audio subs.

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