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We did recently have our electricity chap come and do some work for us and I’ve now been informed that he installed a whole-home protection unit at the same time. Unfortunately, whole-home surge protectors don’t protect against brownouts, which is what I am fairly sure now was the cause of the main fuses blowing in both the subs.
Are you sure that you've had work done to your home that you probably didn't necessarily need, and have paid extra money for? Most modern homes are build with reset buttons into the electrical outlets, if a circuit has been tripped due to an overload or other electrical problem to prevent a fire. All surge protectors aren't guarantee to work because, nothing can stop an act of God as far as the weather is concern. If there is a severe storm, it's best just to turn off your TV and other home theater equipment that are on. If your electrical is up to code by a certified home inspector, then there's nothing to worry about.

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