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Originally Posted by Gerby View Post
I like a lot of past foreign animation especially stop motion.
Anything by Jan Svankmajer, Karel Zeman, Wladislaw Starewicz, Jiri Trnka, Jiri Barta is required viewing IMO.
Flaklypa (1975) - also known as 'Grand Prix'...a fantastic norwegian racing car stop motion movie.
The Adventures Of Prince Achmed (1926) - cut out silhoetted animation...this one is available on blu ray from BFI.
The Legend Of The Sacred Stone (2000) - amazing Tawainese martial arts puppet movie.
Great to see love for Karel Zeman, Ladislaw Starewicz and Lotte Reiniger. Some other names there that I recognise, some that I don't. Thanks for posting. :-)
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