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Originally Posted by Spiderbri View Post
wow I applaud your dedication. do you have all the multiplayer trophies? I loved the series but i'll never get 2 and 3 to 100%. i'm decent online at best. not good enough to go up against people like you that have everything memorized.
Thanks. But honestly, it's the best online multiplayer there is, IMO. I don't have all the multiplayer trophies, but most of them. I've platinumed the game itself, but have a couple multiplayer trophies that I'll probably never get. I'm not the best player online, but I can hold my own. But if you ever wanted to join up, you're more than welcome to. There's a few of us who usually play together every now and then. The more the merrier. And when you play as a group, everyone tends to do better.

If you wanted to add me, my PS name is Dodger_Blue311
Dodgers, Packers, Lakers, and F1 fan.

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