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I donít get Disney either. One of the reasons people were saying Disney wouldnít release 3D in the USA is that they didnít want to do 3 disc combos as it cost them more to produce. Instead of ditching the dvd they just didnít release the 3D version. Now with their 4K releases they arenít including the dvd. 3D fans would have been okay with that too Disney.
It's been said that the release of "Oz- The Great and Powerful" killed 3D for Disney because they put that out as a single, 3D-only disc- at the SAME price as their multi-disc sets! (I bought it later from an Ebay seller at a more reasonable price.) I answered a survey from them before 3D had even come onto the market where they asked if I'd prefer a single disc or a whole bunch of them (3D, 2D, DVD, digital copy) and I always answered as few discs as possible, yet they did the exact opposite at first.

The DVD market is bigger than the 3D and 4k market combined.
And that's absolutely pathetic. DVD was great when it was new, but it's simply obsolete now.
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