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Default Netflix LG App Sound Issues

Hi guys,

I'm experiencing a strange issue when watching Netflix via my LG E7P's internal app and was wondering if anyone else has experienced it/knows of a fix --

When I open the app, my AVR, which is set to AUTO, immediately shifts into Dolby 5.1 and anything that I watch, whether it's in 5.1 or not, plays in 5.1. For example, old episodes of the original Twilight Zone play in 5.1 even though the show does not have a 5.1 track. My AVR doesn't switch to stereo. It remains in 5.1. Even when I manually select the stereo track for say, Stranger Things, my AVR still shows 5.1. Oddly, it's playing the stereo track, but keeping all speaker channels open. I don't think the app is transcoding (not sure if that's the right word, I'm very much a layperson when it comes to this stuff) the stereo track into 5.1 but rather playing a stereo track mistakenly with all of the surround channels still on because it sounds markedly different from the genuine 5.1 track.

In comparison, when I watch Netflix via my Apple TV 4K, my AVR will switch on the fly to whatever format the content I'm viewing is in. It displays 5.1 if I'm watching a movie in 5.1, and switches to stereo for a show like Twilight Zone.

I have to assume this is a bug with the internal LG app?

I'd really appreciate any help.

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