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Originally Posted by PrestonXI View Post
Can anyone provide insights into the best settings for HDR on a 2016 55" LG OLED C6?

I have seen so much conflicting advice while endlessly searching the internet for answers over the last couple years. After trying lots of different settings, I am still never totally satisfied with the HDR image. In particular, dark scenes are usually really dark and blacks are often crushed. Recently, I spent most of my time watching the 4K UHD of Bumblebee messing with settings and levels, specifically trying to get pleasing black levels.

One thing in particular that I am still not getting a straight answer about is whether or not dynamic contrast should be used with HDR content.

For reference, I am using a Sony X800.

Any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated :-)
Get it professionally calibrated (and no, not from BB geek squad).
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