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I like the show -- it takes place a few decades in the future of Batman: TAS. The new Batman, Terry McGinnis, is mentored by Bruce Wayne. A lot of the regular villains are new but some of the originals return occasionally as well; there's also successors to original villains like the Jokerz, Joker themed gangs that run around Future Gotham causing trouble.

There's also a movie you'll have to track down separately, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. The show was revisited a couple-three times on Justice League Unlimited -- there's couple time travel episodes and episode dedicated to Batman Beyond specifically.

There's a few clips up on Youtube, this one is from "The Call" Part 1 - the villain is Ink, her body is an ink-like substance and she can shape shift a bit. Batman/Terry meets the Future Justice League.

Opening scene for the series, sets up why Bruce is no longer Batman himself.

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