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Default Fate/Grand Order Figures

I think I can honestly say that without a doubt, the most attractive figs I've seen in a LONG time are the ones from this series, with "Saber" (Altria Pendragon) and "Avenger"/ Jeanne d'Arc being my uncontested faves.
That said, they are WAY outside my price range currently (unless I stop buying films for about 6 months and don't see THAT happening!).
Anyway, since I entered one of TOM's contests, (no results yet) I JUST received a nice coupon for an additional 15% off this particular figure. (Pic below)
It's out of my price range still but might be in yours.
PM me and I'll send you the code! (note: ends 24 Sep 18)


Saber on bike.jpg

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