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Mine are all UHD.

Originally Posted by vraytchev View Post
Yes, there is a problem at the beginning of iTunes UHD upgrades when although you clearly owned the movie in UHD in iTunes Movies Anywhere will still register HD port from iTunes. Case in point:

Redeemed Alien: Covenant from 4K UHD Blu-Ray code code directly into iTunes, iTunes shows that I own the movie in UHD in iTunes, but Movies Anywhere shows it ported from iTunes in HD only. This movie is not upgrading in any of the other connected retailers in UHD.

Only recently, if you redeemed a movie in iTunes directly, it shows in iTunes in UHD and porting in MovieAnywhere in UHD.

At the beginning of the UHD upgrades, all movies although showing in UHD in iTunes, only show as ported in HD to Movies Anywhere and will not show correctly. I have disconnected iTunes and reconnected to Movies Anywhere with no change. Some examples of other FOX movies that were redeemed from UHD disc codes and show UHD in iTunes (but not in Movies Anywhere):

Alien: Covenant
Hidden Figures
Independence Day
Independence Day: Resurgence
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Quite a few others: Why Him?, Keeping Up With The Jones, Mike And Dave ...

All of these were redeemed from 4K UHD codes directly in iTunes back when they came out, all of them show in UHD on iTunes, all of them show as ported to Movies Anywhere in HD from iTunes ONLY. If any of them were redeemed today or recently in iTunes (from blu-ray code or 4K codes) they will port to Movies Anywhere from iTunes correctly in 4K UHD [I was forced to do that with Deadpool a couple of days ago, just to try and it ported in 4K UHD in Movies Anywhere]. This is very unfortunately as because they show ported incorrectly in HD in Movies Anywhere, now when Vudu starts adding them in UHD, they will not all upgrade to UHD, unless it shows ported from iTunes to Movies Anywhere in UHD, which it should have. This really sucks if you redeemed in iTunes back when the movie came out. Recent redemptions are OK.
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