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Originally Posted by jchung30 View Post
Hi guys,

Any of you guys knowledgeable of the following German releases:

Feu- Le Crazy Horse
Flirting with Flamenco

The majority appear to have been released originally in the English speaking countries and all appear to at least have English subtitles.... Anyways, my main concern before I bite the bullet is to ensure none of the are auto-conversions. And feel free to chime in if there are other titles released in Europe/Germany that have an English track or English subtitles that are worth the purchase.

Gingerclown - terrible movie with virtually flat native 3-D. Only a few scenes show any depth. Regret getting this one.

Hidden - pretty good native 3-D with a few pop-outs. Not a bad horror movie but does get a little silly towards the end. Worth a look tho.

Vikingdom - watched this on demand and turned it off after about 10 to 15 minutes. Movie was too cheesy for my tastes. There was decent depth but it's not a polished conversion with lots of warping around everything.

Haven't seen the others.
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