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Originally Posted by WriteSimply View Post
I don't have a HD/SD MiniDV cam but since both uses AVCHD, I would think the PQ, when using the same CMOS, lens and video circuitry, would be identical.

But in the world of TV/video production, you use tapes so that you can just change tapes once it's finished. That's your "raw film stock". Until they can make HDDs interchangeable, I don't think HDD is the option you should take.

HDV (DV tapes) do not use AVCHD but rather a form of MPEG2 compression while the Hard drive based HiDef Camcorders do use AVCHD.

I was quite happy with my Sony HDV camcorder before I lost it in Spain this summer. I'm going to wait for 1920X1080 cameras that record in AVC MP4 format.
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