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Default maybe YES, maybe NO

I own both machines, although my pioneer is called in Australia the LX-70.

In essence, the pioneer is for those that want the best player on the market and you'll notice that ALL the reviews for the player have been wonderfull. The difference between the two is significant, but I suppose it may not be significant enough for some. The PS3 is o.k. and merely average but the LX70 is a great player and it displays the BEST pictures on the market. The better the quality of your TV the better and clearer the difference will be. Actually, if your TV is does not display a 1080p picture, then I'd recommend not buying the pioneer at all. Also the HDMI cable that that you use makes a big difference as well and especially so if you have a large display. If you're buying the best bluray player on the market, then I think you should also purchase a reference standard cable. What I mean is that the cable must have silver conductors, like the top nordost hdmi cable that I use. The pioneer deserves nothing less, because other wise you will not get the maximum results the pioneer is capable of. Now when you combine all these factors together, you'll be totally blown away by the results but you have to pay attention to your system as a whole and not just to the player alone.
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