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Originally Posted by Mister Ed View Post
Big fan of Robert Aldrich and this film and I was very impressed with Elephant's release of "Night Passage" and was wondering if anybody knows anything about this release.
This thread on DVDClassik suggests that it contains both the US (the "Aldrich cut") and European (the "Lancaster cut") versions of the film:

One poster says, "FUREUR APACHE chez Elephant est annoncé pour mars prochain. ca sera un combo, et il possèdera 2 montages, celui voulu par Lancaster et celui voulu par Aldrich", which, according to Google translate, is, "FUREUR APACHE at Elephant is announced for next March. It will be a combo, and it will have 2 assemblies, that wanted by Lancaster and that wanted by Aldrich."

A good discussion of the differences between the two cuts can be found here:
Ha, my younger self is well-involved in that discussion on what was then DVD Maniacs!

I'll pick up this French edtion in a heartbeat if it is confirmed that the French subtitles can be removed.
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