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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Disc size: 33.4GB

Main feature (episodes 1-9): 32.9GB

Episode 1: 3.9GB (file sizes per episode vary between 3.1GB and 4.1GB)

1080p MPEG-4 AVC
14.4 mbps AVG
40.0 mbps MAX
2.47 GB

Japanese Dolby TrueHD 2.0 24-Bit 813 kbps
English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 24-Bit 3186 kbps

FMA Brotherhood is an odd case. The series was produced at 540p to save time in compositing, so that more time and money could be poured into the incredible fight animation, so it is an upscale. As Dustin points out in the site's review, bitrates massive wildly, going between 3 mbps, all the way up to 43 mbps! I feel it's a big issue, as Brotherhood has a lot of action that is insanely well animated, you need a high bitrate to maintain the detail in the visuals. Bitrates aside, it looks fine, I guess? There is some banding visible, though nowhere near as bad as Re:Zero or Psycho Pass. It clearly isn't as good as an HD native series (or as clean looking as Ouran), but it looks better than most anime upscales. The OP looks HD native, though. The brightness issue is technically present, but unless side-by-side, you wouldn't notice- the difference is virtually non existent. But the big issue is disc management. This is an older FUNi release, and so is Ouran, but only using 33GB on the disc is a bit crazy. I mean, Warner just released a Blu-ray with a bitrate of 7! mbps, but this is no excuse. If they were going to keep the file sizes the same, at least put more episodes on the disc! 12 episodes could fit here no problem, and while it would mean a bit more time in disc authoring, it saves money, in that one less disc would have been produced.

Audio is the reverse of what I talked about with Ouran. The dub track is stellar. Not just in terms of voice acting (one of the few dubs that comes close to the Japanese), but in terms of sound quality. The Japanese track is perfect, though, despite the bitrate being less than 1/3 that of the dub. Sound is crystal clear and there are no compression issues. The dub, though... it's noticeably more aggressive. Music levels are about the same, though the sound effects are way louder. On my computer and TV speakers, the JP track sounds better, as they're in stereo, but if I had a 5.1 set up, I might say otherwise.

(I do have a headset for my PS4 that emulates 7.1 surround, but it's a mixed bag. Most likely due to the disc, to which I found The Lord of the Rings is the best use of surround, Helm's Deep is so epic!)

FMA Brotherhood is a mess of a Blu-ray, but it looks better than the DVD, so it's worth it. While it's out of print in the US, its still in print in the UK and Australia, so I'd say it's worth the import.
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