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A few of you guys are very pessimistic. Just look at some of Hollywood's very first blu-rays, like Superman Returns or even Casino Royale. They weren't lossless at first and later got re-released. India is just starting to catch up on the blu-ray trend. It's just a matter of waiting patiently, yet at the same time contacting them about the letdowns (in a civilized manner).

Speed Racer doesn't even have a HD audio updated copy.
Thanks for bringing some sanity. With what I've had to deal with regarding DVDs from all the Indian industries I'm very surprised these first titles are even this good. I'll support, happily, while letting them know what is desired feature-wise for future titles. Somebody mentioned 1500-2500 intitial print-runs on these titles. The economics just might not be there at this number. Baby steps. Support and inform and there is a good chance future titles will be improved. I would not expect it overnight.


Tone it down. No need to call me out in other threads like you are doing. We are all here because we love the movies and want to see them presented in the best possible way. No need to get nasty. Personally, I'm buying all the new titles (double-dipping on all, btw) with the hopes that eventually we will see some classics appear...same reason I buy all the Ayngaran titles: I want the Ratnam catalog to make it to blu-ray.
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