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A few of you guys are very pessimistic. Just look at some of Hollywood's very first blu-rays, like Superman Returns or even Casino Royale. They weren't lossless at first and later got re-released. India is just starting to catch up on the blu-ray trend. It's just a matter of waiting patiently, yet at the same time contacting them about the letdowns (in a civilized manner).

Speed Racer doesn't even have a HD audio updated copy.
First of all, 'Casino Royale' from the very first release on BD and even the second 'Collectors edition' have had lossless audio. The first release has a 'lossless LPCM' track and the collectors edition' has a 'Dolby TrueHD' track. Secondly in the case of Hollywood the intial BD releases without HD audio was primarily a fallout of the HD-DVD & Blu-ray battle and the lack of HD audio was primarily limited to studios such as Warner and Paramount who were releasing on both formats. Warner had an obvious hidden agenda in trying to promote HD-DVD at the expense of Blu-ray due to their personal stake in the HD-DVD patents. They released titles on HD-DVD with HD audio while they simultaneously released BDs of the same titles with only lossy audio.

Secondly, Hollywood BDs without HD audio was primarily limited to catalog titles for which the studios did nto wish to redo the masters since they already had HD masters that they had prepared for the original DVD releases. Whereas, 'New York' is a current release and thus the mastering has been done specially for the BD release by Yash Raj.
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