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Sep 2009

I'm with you on the pirated DVDs stuff.. I always wait for the original stuff to release. I have a few friends who cannot wait it out who either buy a pirated DVD or download it. My biggest issue has been EROS as with them one never knows how the DVD is going to turn out.

Hopefully the go between on these forums will have good success, and getting EROS to do proper Blu-Ray discs with the same PQ on all Blu-Ray disc's that come out like the first two titles Eros Released (before newest addition of the four Blu-Ray discs that just came out).

YRF does need to start including HD audio on the Blu-Ray Disc. (I would imagine YRF will do this before EROS).

On a side not I'm glad YRF did not follow the path of Eros with going with the same authoring house.
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