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Originally Posted by Richard Paul View Post
HEVC is the name of the standard which can be seen in the specification document. While the ITU and MPEG have their own internal names for HEVC all of the proposals for the standard refer to it as HEVC. To give one example here is a proposal that was made about the 4:4:4 profiles.
No offense to Ron, but I find that professionals ( the lead developers and testers involved with bringing it to consumers) almost invariably prefer the term ‘HEVC’ verbally and in writing; whereas, for some reason, most hobbyists and AV blogger/journalist-types enjoy using the term ‘H.265’…..whether out of being uninformed as to the development history and facts or just attempting to impress others with a numerical designation rather than a simple acronym (HEVC).

I mean, if they really desire to be well-informed and equitable as to ‘standards’ organizations, they should also use the designation ‘ISO/IEC 23008-2 MPEG-H Part 2’ where the HEVC standard is also defined, or at least MPEG-H Part 2 but I guess that’s too long to type out; plus, these days with B.T. 2020, the ITU is currently the ‘flavor of the day’ rather than the MPEG ( )

Anyway, very recently, HEVC Dash data set (which can be played with open source tools) was offered up by the 4Ever project French people just weeks ago at the MMSys Conference last March in Singapore to help with development of over-the-top UHD services ….

All can read about it for free (in English) here - (b.t.w., in the paper H.264 is mentioned but no mention of H.265, just HEVC )

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