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Originally Posted by Big Daddy View Post
Almost all the LPs of Demis Roussos (original release). Does anybody on this site know him?
Nope, but after looking at his page on, he has a huge release list. About the link: I use to be a moderator on that site & it's one of the best one's around to find any kind of artist, producer, label, release, etc. I use to spend hours submitting releases on there. Browsing the site is a must if you're a music geek like myself.

Originally Posted by CasualKiller View Post
Live - Throwing copper, usually end up in 100.00 + auctions on Ebay. One up at the moment with 6 days left and it's at 51.00 already.
I thought you were being sarcastic until I searched. I think it sold around 10 milllion copies worldwide, being a huge seller in the 90's. The vinyl must've had a low pressing run.

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