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Default DVDit HD Pro

The BD-RE played was a Panasonic player presently available in Australia only as a demo machine, not in the Sony (firmware to come in 2007) or a Samsung player. I tried each of the players in various electronics shops.
I fed DVDit Pro HD a Cineform HD.avi. I previously tried a mpeg file generated by Adobe Media Encoder in Premiere Pro 2, and it didn't work. I assume that it was not blu-ray compliant, but don't know why.
Menus can be made from scratch using photoshop, according to the help file. However, I used my own background (a .jpg) and dragged and dropped chapter points on it to make buttons. I also adjusted a template and both approaches worked.
I hope the process continues to unravel. I have many hours of HDV (mostly waiting on disk) that I need to get onto blu-ray, but am still worried about the last (I hope) software piece to fall in place.
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