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Originally Posted by Lopan View Post
I do not like for example the new Sim City. I refuse to buy it because the old game allowed me to take it on a laptop without an internet connection and build a city to my liking. I refuse to by the latest game until they decide to lose the always connected scheme which I know will never happen.
In college I killed hours between classes with the original Sim City. It was a marvel to me, as were computers with mice. I still remember SHIFT-F U N D to get $1,000,000 in your city coffer. I also played a lot of Tetris and the game with the Mah Jongg tiles that isn't really Mah Jongg. I had email, but there was no such thing as internet for casual users. I missed the entire console evolution between Atari 5200 and PS3. I had no time and no money and sometimes no television. I did have my own PC starting around 1994, so I could always find pretty good discounted point and click adventure games and RPG's. You kids were spoiled.
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