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Originally Posted by JayFank View Post
Currently I have a 7.1 setup, and am looking to upgrade after 5 years with my current setup. My budget is in the $3000 range.

My current setup:
Center: Polk CS1 Series II
Fronts: Polk Monitor 60
Surround sides: Polk Monitor 40
Surround backs: Polk Monitor 30
Subwoofer: BIC F12
Receiver: Denon AVR1611

Anyone else care to offer up some suggestions?

Hello Jay...

Yes, it looks like you are due for an upgrade, and have the funds to make a HUGE jump in performance.

I would also recommend to go with the Polk signature towers and already own polks, and these would trounce your old set quite easily in every aspect.
You can still use your surround speakers, as they should work just fine. This should cost you around $1500...

All that's left is the subwoofer and AVR. I'd budget in around $1000 for the receiver, and $800 for the subwoofer. ( A few extra hundred will go a long way when it comes to subs )

This will be around your target budget, and the sound would be 10 times improved. Good luck....keep us posted my friend

...your klipsch selections are nice as well......but you would need a more powerful AVR than the Denon you are looking into....


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